Child Rearing : The Wonder Years

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Child Development:
The Wonder Years
Elizabeth Willis-Satele
October 19, 2014
Matthew Warren

Introduction Child rearing is perhaps one of the most amazing, scary, fun-filled moments in a person’s life. Raising a child requires a lot, from financial to emotional support, which at times can be challenging. There is no definitive line when defining an appropriate way to raise a child, even when times are always changing as well as culturally acceptable methods. In today’s society, Americans send their children off to school every day. However, in some countries like Pakistan, where Malala Yousafzai lives (an advocate for the rights of girls to get an education), educating girls is frowned upon (Yousafzai, 2013). In different times and different cultures we see different trends, and although times will continue to change, one thing is certain, a child’s development. Here we will see the different stages of child development and how a child develops physically, emotionally, psychologically, and cognitively.
Ages: 2-5 Years - Early Childhood The physical changes we see during these times are an increase in balance and a transition from walking to running also occurs during this time (Berk, 2010). Although the body does not grow as rapidly as it did during their earlier years, there is still grown in height and weight. A child is able to begin performing regular activities of daily living such as dressing and feeding themselves. Children also begin to
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