Child Safety Is The Number One Concern

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You would be amazed at the amount of regulations that go into an automobile, but even more surprising would be the amount of regulations that the seat you sit in must pass to make sure that the driver and passengers are safe and comfortable. Out of all the pieces in the interior of your car, the seats have the most regulations. This is really not so surprising if you think of the amount of time and money that car companies spend on making people safe. Whether it be adults or children, safety is the number one concern. And since child safety has been at the forefront of the manufacturers focus – as well as a few news stories every week – we will concern ourselves with one specific regulation that is essential: The Child Restraint Anchorage System. The specific standard for this system is FMVSS 225, and can be found at the NHTSA website or with a Google search on the web. The specific regulation is as follows:
571.225 Standard No. 225; Child restraint anchorage systems. S1. Purpose and scope. This standard establishes requirements for child restraint anchorage systems to ensure their proper location and strength for the effective securing of child restraints, to reduce the likelihood of the anchorage systems’ failure, and to increase the likelihood that child restraints are properly secured and thus more fully achieve their potential effectiveness in motor vehicles.
For this discussion, we will be focusing on the anchors in the rear of the car, not the wires that are…
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