Child Screening Is The Best Course Of Action

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Genetic newborn screening is used to detect rare diseases and prevent them to doing irreversible damage to a baby’s development before the symptoms appear. The process begins with a tiny drop of blood from the baby’s heel when he or she is a few days old. The sample then is sent to a laboratory where testing is performed and results are analyzed. The blood sample can be tested for more than thirty disorders but the exact number depends on where you live. One third of the world’s babies are screened, that is 140,000 newborns screened a day. And out of that 140,000 about 100 newborns are suspected to have a rare disorder (Nierneberg). There is no need to contact the vast majority whose babies are completely healthy, but if the screening shows signs of a rare disease the parents are notified immediately. It is extremely important to detect the potential disease during the first days, so that the doctors can decide on the best course of action. Newborn screening gives the baby a second chance for a normal life. Therefore, I think it is important for parents to do this type of screening for their newborn because it is a simple way to detect any rare diseases in its early stages. I believe genetic screening should be done because it gives parents time to plan if the results come back positive for a rare disease. Most hospitals offer genetic screening as part of their birthing program and if the baby was born at home it could be provided through the midwife or nurse attendant.

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