Child Sex Tourism : A Form Of Human Trafficking

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Child sex tourism; a form of human trafficking; has taken many definitions some which include flesh peddling, child slavery, child labor, children for sale and child prostitution. International and local laws prohibit any form of child exploitation. Child sex tourism is a human rights violation that is affecting millions of children globally. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child defines a child as any person under the age of 18. Child sex tourism is defined by the UN as “tourism organized with the primary purpose of facilitating the effecting of a commercial-sexual relationship with a child.” To effectively combat child sex tourism there must be a coordinated response between governmental officials, police, health workers and non-government organizations (NGO’s). Proactively engaging these agencies to identify victims and vulnerable children and providing them with appropriate resources. Proper training will help law enforcement agencies in identifying the perpetrators, properly investigating cases and prosecuting these crimes.
Child sex tourism is facilitated throughout the world as documented tourists travel to many countries going unnoticed by authorities. They travel through constricted checkpoints and long hours to have access to young boys or girls who are just simply a sexual commodity (Cutts, p 278). The tourist does not realize the crime they have committed when they make the decision to sexually exploit children. Oblivious to their…
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