Child Sex Trafficking Research Paper

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Child Sex Trafficking: A Local and Global Problem
Around the world children are being exploited daily through a variety of disturbing practices. The United States of America is the land of the free, the home of the brave, and the number one producer of Child Pornography in the world. (1 Kutcher) It is a frightening statistic. Child sex trafficking is the second most lucrative crime business around the world. It is second only to the business of narcotics trafficking. (3 The CNN Freedom Project) Education on the topic is crucial in order to develop a local, as well as a global, solution in the fight to save children from this heinous act upon their innocence. It is necessary to understand how children get introduced and pulled into this way of life, ways the children are exploited, and what's being done to stop these horrific crimes against the children.
First, how does a child get involved in “the life”? One major contributing factor is that the child is a victim of sexual abuse in their own home. Of those sexually abused in their own home, they are also most likely victims of emotional and physical abuse. Many have suffered other forms of trauma in the home as well. Twenty-one to forty-two percent of runaway and homeless youth are typically victims of sexual abuse before
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Some girls start out performing in a strip club. Then it is ‘suggested’ that they do more, for more money. Lap dances turn into tricks. Tricks turn in to full on prostitution. Some get put straight into brothels. Some are marketed as dates, but the client is only looking for sex. Some survivors report that when the men come into the brothel or look for them online for a ‘date’ they order them in the same fashion they would a cheeseburger. “I would like a young, underage looking blonde with blue eyes. I want her dressed to look like a school girl, carrying her backpack” reports one survivor who overheard a man ordering a girl. (2
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