Child Sexual Abuse: A Personal Battle Essay

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A three-year-old child approaches the court bench and places her hand over the Holy Bible, swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. She takes a seat at the witness stand while clenching her stuffed animal in her small innocent arms. She gently brushes the bouncy blonde curls from her face as she looks into the eyes of her rapist. For one so small, she is quite strong. I am proud to admit that I was this little girl, and I am a survivor.

There are sixty million survivors of sexual abuse in America today. Girls are sexually abused three times more than boys are, yet one in every six males will be molested before the age of sixteen (Hopper, Child Abuse: Statistics, Research & Resources,
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They are too young to understand and too innocent to perceive such unjust behavior. Turning them away only makes the abuse acceptable. Helping children through their abuse and being there for them is a very special and rewarding purpose. This purpose not only inspires the child; it also inspires something deep within yourself.

It is a fact: we can survive, but no one ever said it was easy. If we put a cease to the problem before it starts, surviving from such pain would be unnecessary. Being a mentor does not specifically mean that you need to counsel abused children; it simply means to speak with them and try to get them to understand that it is not their fault and the abuser is to blame.

Putting our children through counseling and therapy can be just as difficult as the abuse endured. Imagine sitting in a small confined space, at the age of three telling a perfect stranger about the way you were violated and hurt. It is hard and uncomfortable to say the least. Not only is it difficult to admit these embarrassing details but at such a young age it's hard to form sentences and really explain the terror.

Many people wonder why it takes so long for children to admit that they were sexually abused, but our children are being threatened. The sex offenders will make sure to frighten the child beyond belief, to keep themselves from being

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