Child Sexual Abuse And Child Abuse

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Child sexual abuse is a problem that many people are still unaware of. Currently, one in twenty boys and one in five girls are sexually abused (Child Sexual Abuse Fact Sheet). In the past, children’s accusations of sexual abuse have not been believed (Berk 352). Many children told adults, yet still had to carry the burden, as adults, of their rapist never being caught. However, now, people are recognizing the truth and are trying to come up with a solution (Berk 352). Despite the increased effort to stop child abuse, it is a huge problem today. In 2016, 65,000 cases of child molestation were verified with many more cases going unreported (Berk 352). The cycle of abuse is important to catch during childhood because abused children usually…show more content…
Because of this, Researchers recommend that children be introduced to a sexual abuse prevention program as early as three years old (Crime Solutions). Effective Sexual abuse programs give children the tools they need to report and stay away from abusive situations (Crime Solutions). The programs go through the steps of helping children determine if someone is acting inappropriately with them, how to tell that person “no”, run away from them, and inform an adult about the occurrence (Crime Solutions). Sexual abuse can be inappropriate contact with a child, or just sexual talk and actions in front of a child (Crime Solutions). Since a lot of sexual abuse happens from people the child knows, these programs attempt to help the child recognize inappropriate touches, even if it is from siblings or parents (Crime Solutions). Generally, sexual abuse prevention programs can either be information based, or skills based. In the information based programs, movies, props, and discussions are usually used to educate the children. Props can include puppets, games, books, movies, or music (Anthony). With skills based

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