Child Sexual Abuse And Children

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Child sexual abuse effects tens of thousands of children, and young teens every year. With the rate of this issues, parents and other adults are not prepared nor willing to deal with problems of their children or family members been sexual abused. Child sexual abuse can take many forms, but it’s always a violation of a young person’s rights, and it increases the risk of many adverse physical and mental health conditions. Furthermore, child sexual abuse is defined as direct genital contact and indirect interactions such as exposure or internet based activity. For example, sending electronic sexual images to minors. Not only that, child sexual abuse is equally an unwanted sex with a perpetrator who is older, and the minor is below 14 years.…show more content…
Statement of Problem The psychological effects of child sexual abuse are severe and far reaching. Child sexual abuse contributes to health disparities. In the light of, people who have experienced sexual abuse as children are at higher risk for numerous adverse depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), insomnia, and lack of trust. Another physical health conditions are HIV, and other STDs, unintended pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse, hypertension, eating disorder, obesity, sleeping disorder, poor school performance, excessive fears, and withdrawing from normal, and regular activities. In addition to this, psychological effects of child sexual abuse, and adult sexual outcome; is that adults who were sexual abused during childhood displays behavior disorders like sexual inhibition, sexual avoidance or aversion, low desire, vaginal or chronic pelvic pain to sexual disinhibition, compulsive or impulsive sex, risk-taking sexual behaviors, numerous sequential, and simultaneous sexual partners. On the same note, childhood sexual abused survivors show compulsive and avoidant sexual behaviors. In like manner, childhood sexual abuse adult survivors’ use’s sexual behaviors to purse self-worth, reduce emotional distress, assuage abandonment anxieties, less satisfaction with orgasms, and lower feeling of closeness with their sexual partner. Child sexual abuse is a very secret crime, and unless the victim is bold to tell someone about
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