Child Sexual Abuse And Survivors

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The highest concern for the article is identifying and treating child abuse, and survivors with a given respect to different cultures. It is important to understand that every culture is different in handling the treatment of their children. “If identifications and interventions with these families and their children are to be appropriate and successful, professionals must communicate effectively with one another and be consistent in the messages they are giving to the families” (Westby, 2007).
Continuing with the third journal article, Action, Engagement, Remembering: Service for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, researcher Bein studies how trauma creates invisible wounds that requires more than time to heal. Trust does not come easily for many survivors. Although, they may appear like everyone else, survivors are complex individuals. “Child sexual abuse is complex and can affect survivors in different ways in different areas over the years; trust, safety, power, physical health, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and social relationships” (Bein, 2011). Child abuse is a subject that both perpetrators in conjunction with society abstain conversing about in the open.
Teaching survivors’ communication enables both an opportunity to release a heavy burden, as well creates the first steps in rebuilding self-confidence. The article includes suggested strategize communication guidelines. “Some adult survivors of child sexual abuse have years of silence and obedience” (Bein,…

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