Child Sexual Abuse And The Community

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Mezzo Perspective
According to Simmons University, Mezzo Social Work “involves working with small to medium-sized groups or organizations such as schools, community service organizations, or businesses to promote cultural or institutional change” (Social Workers, 2016). In other words, it is working with the community. Child Sexual Abuse impacts the community in several ways, such as through fear, confusion, as well as economically. Though the abuse might only physically affect one person, it could still greatly impact everyone else.
The first way that Child Sexual Abuse affects the community is through fear. Sometimes families in communities have an ideal idea about their identity and if something, such as Child Sexual Abuse happens in a family in that community, it could disrupt the foundation. According to the organization, New York Alliance against Sexual Assault, “The community’s reluctance to interfere in ‘private’ family matters, and the desire to maintain the illusion of family as a ‘safe’ unit, hides and condones the widespread incidence of Child Sexual Abuse” (Adult Survivors, 2015). Therefore, Child Sexual Abuse occurring in the community is fearsome, because it disrupts the conceived notions about the community. Another reason Child Sexual Abuse brings fear into the community is because often Child Sexual Abusers have more than one victim. According to the organization Child Safe House, “Nearly 70% of child sex offenders have between 1 and 9 victims; at least 20%…

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