Child Sexual Abuse (CSA): Egregious Child Exploitation

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According to Fong and Cardoso (2010), internationally, each year 1 to 2 million children are trafficked, with an average age of 13 to 14 years old. Children who are at higher risk for trafficking coupled with prostitution are likely runaways and within the foster system (Fong & Cardoso, 2010). In an effort to crack down on child trafficking and sexual exploitation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) opened offices in areas where there is a prevalence of child prostitution. Yet, the efforts of the FBI to crackdown on child sexual exploitation may prove difficult, for instance, in some cultures outside of the US as well as some laws within the US permits for consent of marriage of an older adult to a young girl who has not yet experienced puberty (Grover, 2007).
Nevertheless, with respect to the dominant culture (i.e., child protection laws) within the US, to effectively curtail the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children and the residual mental effects, there must be: 1. covert operations by law enforcement agencies to penetrate, expose, and dissolve illegal trafficking operations, 2. an allocation of federal funding to non-government and governmental area agencies prior to the determining…

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