Child Sexual Abuse Is A Problem That Affects People Around The Globe

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Child abuse or maltreatment is a problem that affects people around the globe. “In every country, studies have established a prevalence of abuse far exceeding the scope of the problem that would be inferred from the number of cases that were officially reported” (Finkelhor, 1984). While there are different forms of child abuse or maltreatment which include physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and child neglect, sexual abuse is the most common form. The scope of this paper will focus primarily on child sexual abuse and the resilience of child sexual abuse victims. The paper will explore the gender differences of victims and the variations in their prevalence. Although child sexual abuse is an abusive act that harms a child physically, emotionally, and mentally, recovery and leading a healthy adult life is possible and attainable.
Child sexual abuse includes sexual activity with a minor (ChildSexualAbuse). Due to their age, a child cannot legally give consent to sexual activity. According to, forms of child sexual abuse include, but not limited to, sex of any kind, oral or vaginal. It also includes producing, sharing or owning pornographic images and movies of children. These activities and other forms of sexual conduct is harmful to a child’s emotional, mental, or physical welfare and can have long last effects on the child (ChildSexualAbuse). About 93% of victims that are under the age of 18 know their abuser (ChildSexualAbuse). If the child…

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