Child Sexual Abuse Is A Serious Issue

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Introduction In today’s society child abuse is a serious issue. There are three different types of abuse: physical, mental and sexual. Child sexual abuse is classified as an individual abused under the age of 18. In 2007, in the United States it was estimated that 60,344 children of 794,000 victims of mal-treatment were sexually abused. Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) tends to be the most damaging out of all the different types of abuse. Child sexual abuse tends to be the most detrimental because the perpetrator could be someone the child knows. Not all cases of child sexual abuse are reported. According to Ahkers, Bahls, Mundt, & Schaefer, (2012) child abuse is defined as “showing pornography to a child, engaging in sexual talks with a child, undressing or masturbating in the presence of a child, as well as more intrusive physical acts, such as fondling, oral sex, or penetration. Overall this literature focused on female victims and survivors of child sexual abuse. Young girls tend to have a higher risk of becoming a victim of child sexual abuse. Child abuse has a negative influence on interpersonal functioning. If not treated the child could suffer with long term affects as an adult such as depression, anxiety, or shame and guilt. Being a victim of child abuse can cause severe damage, not only is the victim’s childhood is ruined but the child could suffer with self-acceptance, a mental disorder, or some type of physical injury. There are other factors and risk of being a

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