Child Sexual Abuse Scandal in the Catholic Church

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In the last few years, it has even creeped overseas and now constitutes the greatest moral crisis that has faced the Church in more than a century. While the Church has promised and instituted reforms, the damage has been major to its reputation. The case represents a case study in values-driven management and in effective organizational communications.
Catholic sex abuse cases have comprised an ongoing series of trials, convictions, trials and investigations into allegations of sex crimes by Catholic priests and members of the religious orders ("USA Today"). These cases started receiving public attention in the mid-1980s ("BBC").
The sexual abuse of minors by priests has and continues to receive significant media attention in several countries including the U.S., Canada, Ireland, the U.K., Mexico, Belgium, Germany and France, with numbers of other cases being reported throughout the world. Additionally, the scandal has focused upon Catholic hierarchy who failed to report abuse allegations civil authorities. In cases they frequently reassigned the accused to other locations where they often continued abusing minors (Goodstein). In defending the Church's actions, some psychiatrists and bishops contended that people could be cured of such behavior through counseling . Membership in the church hierarchy has argued…
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