Child Sexual Abuse Within The United States

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Today, Americans fail to realize the prevalence and severity of child sexual abuse within the United States. Though crimes of adult rape are of equal importance, the sexual victimization of children, ages seventeen and under, accounted for nearly 70% of all reported sexual assault cases in 2015. To further the issue, arrests were made in only 29% of this child sexual abuse cases; this means that for every ten sexual abuse cases involving children, only three of the perpetrators are convicted and jailed. Why are these supposed perpetrators jailed less frequently than the number of reported child sexual abuse cases? The United States Criminal Justice System fails to provide the deserved protection and justice for the victims of child sexual abuse by not giving proper sentences to perpetrators equal to the damage they have inflicted upon the victim and the continued implementation of the statute of limitations in cases of child sexual abuse.
The definition of “child sexual abuse” has come a long way since its origin. Today, it is defined as any sexual act between an adult and a minor, or between two minors, when one exerts power over the other; this includes non-contact acts such as exhibitionism, exposure to pornography, voyeurism, and communicating in a sexual manner by phone or Internet. It is one of the most prevalent health problems children face today because of the serious physiological and physical damage it imposes on the victim. Statistically, if someone to interview…
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