Child Sexual And Sexual Abuse

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Child Sexual Abuse
Why does child sexual abuse happen and what are the effects of it? “Child sexual abuse is sexual contact with a child that occurs as a result of force or in a relationship where it is exploited because of an age difference or caretaking responsibility” (Finkelhor). Roughly 1.8 million children have been sexually victimized in the United States (NSOPW). Although there is no proof that racial or socioeconomic groups is a factor in a predators choosing, studies show that children who have parent complications or stepparents in their life are at a higher risk of experiencing sexual abuse, granted it could happen to anyone. Vulnerability is extremely present in ages between nine and twelve, but approximately a quarter of incidents take place before the child is eight years old (Finkelhor). However, sexual assault is severely under reported with about only 32% of incidents on record.
Research shows that when an abuser is going to claim their victim they usually have an outlined strategy of their attack. They are precise and they take their time. Abusers are commonly familiar with their victim and already have gained their trust. Unfortunately, abusers are generally related to the child, or they spend generous amounts of time with them as a coach, caregiver, teacher, or even a significant other to the child’s parent. “Abusers tend to be males, and studies involving incarcerated abusers have confirmed that they abuse because of their unusual needs for
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