Child Slavery And Child Labor

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Chapter one: What are child laborers? How do children become laborers? Where do child laborers come from? Child laborers are youth that are forced to work for someone or a company. They get either get payed an extremely small amount or they don’t even get payed at all. Child labor is the same as child slavery.
Some child Families turn to companies that use children to work and loan their children if they are in need of money. Sometimes the children get stolen or kidnapped. Child laborers or child slaves come from poverty-stricken places such as Niger, Congo, Butundi and many more. Also, they get involved with slavery when their family needs money. For example, Iqbal Masih who lived in Pakistan, a poor country, was in need of money for his
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The Carpet factory did this because they wanted the children to be small to do more work. He didn't make money to cover the family’s needs. When he was at the age of ten, he escaped. After his escape, he completed six years of school in only two years. He was inspired by Abraham Lincoln so he wanted to stop child slavery, but in Pakistan. He wanted all children to be free and to have education. When he was twelve years he got shot in front of his grandmother’s house. Before his death, he encouraged people to make schools in Pakistan. They made an organization named “A School For Iqbal” and raised enough money to make eight schools in Pakistan.

Chapter four: How can I help end child slavery? Ending slavery is hard to stop but there are many ways to help. There are many anti-slavery companies and the easiest thing to do is donate money. You could raise fundraisers too. Another way to help end slavery is to send letters that requests more strict laws on slavery in a specific place. You can even send letters to companies that use child laborers to encourage them to let them not to. Also, you could encourage people to stand up against child labor on social
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