Child Soldiering in the World

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In the last decade child soldiering has extended over a large portion of the world. Restrained access to schooling, food and lack of income causes emotional problems. Not only do children have to witness their parents and families being killed but they are also raped, beaten and go through things adolescents should not go through. Being a child a soldier has a negative impact on the child. Separated from their families, facing psychological problems and being brain washed are all issues child soldiers have to face before they even reach puberty. A Child Soldier is under the age of eighteen and can be male or female. Similar to gangs some children leave school because they were lured and promised of a better life. While some children willingly join because they have no other option others don’t voluntarily join; they are abducted by subjection from parents and are used as human shields. Parents are killed by their own children and are nearly threatened and ordered by rebels. Children have to kill their families, or the rebels will harm the children. Parents tell their children to follow the rebel’s instructions to ensure that their children will live because they know pressure brought upon their children so they tell them to do as the rebels say even if it means killing them. The love of the parents is so strong because they risk their own lives by trying to persuade or bribe rebels not to take their children. Parents are outnumbered by rebels and can’t help their children if
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