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This document is from the research I have done on child soldiers in Afghanistan. A child soldier is soldiers that are enlisted under the age of 16. Even though the Taliban claims to only recruit “, those who have achieved mental and physical maturity.” The Afghan police were also getting underage people to join as well. I feel that any way that child soldiers can be stopped should be done. This paragraph will explain and define the causes. The reasons for this modern challenge include getting forced into it, getting convinced to join, joining because of something happening, wanting revenge for it, duty to the family, patriotism, honor and economic difficulties (The London Post 1). Getting forced to join meaning that the Taliban (or other…show more content…
The parent would be sad that their children are in a war zone. They would fear not knowing whether the child is still alive. This paragraph will explain the organizations. Some of the organizations are Child Soldiers International, Human Rights Watch, Invisible Children, War Child, and UNICEF. Child Soldiers International allows you to donate to their cause which is promoting the ban on child soldiers and offers reintegration. The Human Rights Watch allows you to donate. Invisible Children asks you to donate to support children in forgotten corners of the world. War Child asks you to donate to allow access to education for child soldiers. UNICEF is another group to donate to and it also allow child soldiers to reintegrate. This paragraph is about how my fiction book connects to my topic. This topic connects to my topic because the one of the main characters is a child soldier. A character was almost blown up by a child soldier. A soldier shoots a child soldier and is burdened. The main character 's helicopter is shot down by a child soldier. The plot includes the problem of figuring out why the young martyrs are fighting on both sides. This concludes how the topic connects to my book. This paragraph will be about the reflections on the modern challenge. The only thing I have found that you can do is donate. The amount of agencies are in very high numbers and even a dollar can

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