Child Soldiers And Child Labor

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“Since 2001 child soldiers have been recruited in 21 armed conflicts all around the world.” (Borgen Project) “More than 200 million children today are child labourers. An estimated 120 million are engaged in hazardous work.”(The World Counts) These numbers are just a small dent in research of the use of cheap labor, children. Child laborers and soldiers have their potential, childhood, and dignity taken away from them. Child labor started in the industrial revolution, when factory owners didn’t need strength but hands. It became a favored method of obtaining factory and “sweatshop” workers. On the other hand, child soldiers are used because they are easy to manipulate, and force into performing violent actions. Some might say child laborers…show more content…
Why might so much children have to work at such a young age? Well, Myanmar is a very poor country and most families can’t survive on their parents working wage. Children ages fourteen through sixteen are allowed to work but only for a limited amount of hours per week. However, these rules are not strictly, or at all, enforced. “Former child laborers are much more likely to have only primary education or less.” (Compassion). Child labor prevents the growing generation from receiving the proper education. This cycle repeats itself, and it makes it seem impossible for future generations to break out. The cycle goes like this, children in poverty lack education. This leads to a lack of opportunity. Further causes low income, which allows hunger, poor health and living conditions. It may wipe out generations, and you are the one who can put an end to this devastating…show more content…
If an economy needs child labor to function, it needs to be fixed. The root problem of child labor is poverty, which contributes to parents not earning enough money for their families. “The children are most often kidnapped, but sometimes they are manipulated or indoctrinated, or promised money or a chance of a better life.”(War Child). The majority of children join military groups unwillingly. But those who join hoping for an opportunity, lose that hope as soon as they join. A child’s skills will not in fact grow, because physical and mental neglect takes place in these military organizations. These children are forced into desensitization of murder, and sexual abuse. If a child soldier escapes, it will most likely repeat acts of violence and cause further damage to communities. This vicious cycle will keep on repeating itself. Talk about developing life
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