Child Soldiers At Home

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When you picture a child, do you picture a once innocent but now traumatized, once caring but now bloodthirsty child carrying a gun taller than himself. This is what a child soldier would look like. These kids are As of 2013, there are approximately 300,000 children serving in militaries or in radical groups around the world. They are either volunteered or have been taken by force into these militias, but most who volunteer have lost their family to the tragedies of war. These children are victims. Victims of abuse and victims of violence. They have been abandoned on the streets with nowhere to go but the military, the children are exposed to terrible things, and some of the girls who are in these fighting groups are being abused and harassed.…show more content…
In most cases, this is because their villages and cities have been broken in the heat of war. According to Jeffrey Gettleman’s “Armed & Underaged”, an article about the county of Somalia and its use of Child soldiers states, “Children do not have many options in Somalia. After the government collapsed in 1991, an entire generation was let loose on the streets.” This shows that most of the children of Somalia are not growing up the way they should. They’re not in schools and most of them don’t have a home to go to. This leaves them out in the open, able to be easily taken by the Somalian Government or the rebel groups fighting the government. Some are unfortunate enough that they join the militaries as a form of a home. The children are in need of protection, the last thing they should be doing is being sent into a war. Some may say that it’s better for the children to be in the military because it gives them somewhere to go. This may be true if the one joining the military was an adult, but these children are joining at the age of 10, some even joining as young as eight years old. They should be going to school and learning how to become something great in the world, not training to be a…show more content…
In Tom Malinowski’s article, “Support of the "The Child Soldiers Accountability Act of 2007"; Hearing in the US House Judiciary Subcommittee,” he says, “...the kidnapping of children by the Lord’s Resistance Army in Northern Uganda, including the use of girls as sex slaves...” The definition of slave is “a person who is legal property of another and is forced to obey them,” and it is unnecessary to state the definition of sex. Put together, these girls are are being forced to have sex with both young and grown men. Most, if not all, of these girls aren’t even in their 20’s, let alone 18. In the United States, the act of sexual intercourse with participants under the age of 18 is illegal; this is called rape. It is punishable with 10-15 years in prison or a life sentence. There is no one in their right mind who could possibly think of a counter argument for this. The fact that young girls are being raped and abused is just wrong. In conclusion, a child soldier is a victim of war. They have been traumatized almost to the point of no return. We should have sympathy for them and try to help them be the people they never had the chance to be. They were lied to, tricked, drugged, and abused by their commanders. Although they have killed, they deserve a second chance. Not just for peace in life, but a second chance at
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