Child Soldiers: Should They Receive Amnesty?

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Around the globe, in the past and present, children are being recruited to fight as soldiers in wars sometimes as young as 5 and up until they are 18 or older. These children soldiers should not be given amnesty because giving them amnesty could give others encouragement to keep using them, everyone has the same rights which means everyone has the same consequences, and some child soldiers have committed the most violent and harsh acts in wartime, and they can be dangerous to keep in our country. To start with, children soldiers should not be given amnesty because giving them amnesty could give encouragement for people to keep recruiting them. Children soldiers are already being used all around the world and will keep being used until someone makes a stand. Children are considered a good weapon for many people. In the article Armed & Underage by Jeffrey Gettleman it says, “...Children are often considered the perfect weapon: They are easily manipulated, intensely loyal, fearless, and, most important, in endless supply.” They can also be a…show more content…
Letting children soldiers receive amnesty would show that the government doesn’t enforce the law for everyone. In the United States, children who have committed a crime can take responsibility for that act at the age of fourteen. Shouldn’t the same law be in place for people who have fought in a war over fourteen? Aren’t they committing a crime too, like killing soldiers. In Child Soldiers it says, “...Many believe that child soldiers are mere replicas of child criminals; child criminals are prosecuted...If a child can be convicted for murder under these domestic laws there should be no exception for child soldiers just because their crimes occurred in wartime.” This shows that children soldiers should not be forgiven because everyone should have equal consequences for equal acts, which means children soldiers should not be given
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