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I. GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE CHILD A. Developmental information.
This child named Tina was born naturally in a hospital. She started to crawl at the age of six months and began sitting at the age of a year. Her speaking skills started to show when she is a year and a half old. According to her parents she doesn't have any inborn illnesses. She is talkative when in front of the relatives or people known to her but she's shy when in front of other people. She is very playful whenever she’s at school or at home. She is maturing and developing upwards as we observe her. B. Physical description.
She has fair skin and long hair. Her eyes are brown. She is about 3 feet and a half in height. She is taller than her
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She could already turn on or operate a tablet without asking help from other people. However, she still asking for help for the things she doesn’t know on how to operate. And if she wanted something, she’s asking for it. As we observed her, she learned how to be independent in doing things she can do on her own. She can also be able to solve a problem. For example, the game she’s playing on her tablet is not working, so she restarts the tablet and run the game and the game works again.

D. Curiosity, creativity and imagination.
When she is curious she tends to ask her brothers and sisters in the house. For example, she is asking what does her father brought inside the box. She sometimes create new drawings with her crayons. This will further enhance her creativity in doing things. When she is playing with her dolls, she imagines that her dolls are talking with each other and at the same time talks to her.

E. Memory.

1. Short term.
She has the ability to retain memories that requires for the short period of time. For example, she is asked by the teacher to tell her parents that there will be a meeting then when she comes home, she immediately informed her parents.

2. Long term.
She has also the ability to retain memory at a long term basis. Like for example, she can recall almost everything she studied with her mother during the long exams that the teacher gave.

F. Piaget’s stages of cognitive development.
Based on our observation

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