Child Therapy Paper

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child is working in their own pace, they may take fewer or less time that originally predicted by the counselor. When using this approach, I will have patience. In general, I have learned never to expect anything from your clients because the clients do not owe anything to the therapist. The client is there for themselves.
Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy has more structure that Child Person Centered Therapy. It is more skill, teaching, and modeling based. Unlike Child Centered Play Therapy, there is more direction given to the child as well. Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy, the counselor has goals to accomplish and they are specific. A main goal is to change the way the child thinks, that change will then change the Childs’ behavior. When
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This relationship could eventually be the catalyst for a child's progress. The therapeutic relationship has many benefits, which include: development of safety, development of increased set-esteem, and development of trust. It is said that the relationship that a client has with their counselor should be completely different than any other relationship encountered. Why? Because this relationship should be for the child. The relationship should be a motivator to change without physically encouraging the change. At home, a child may have relationships that are unstable, and unreliable. If a counselor provides stability and reliability trust develops, and then safety. The child will be assured that there is someone in the world that has unconditional care and regard for him. With this being said, the child will also realize that he or she is important enough to someone, and that they are good enough to be cared for. Again, this is accomplished by solidifying that therapeutic relationship through understanding, and acceptance. I continue to understand the importance of such relationship, and discussing this factor of therapy always encourages me to continue to reflect on whether I have tried my best to make that relationship work in every session that I have with a
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