Child Transitions From The United States

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At age 18 legally in the United States a child transitions from the stage of being a child to a young adult. Usually at this age new experiences begin to expose the now young adult to the standard way of living in the United States, but in life there are always outliers to the typical rules. I am one of those outliers. My parents trials and tribulations slowly started to consume not only their lives but also our family 's. The very successful company begun by my Father was at its all time low. With the struggle to pay the bills and lack of money the situation at home became difficult. As a fifteen year old sophomore I was sidelined forced to watch my parents struggle not only with financial issues but also family issues with both my Brother and our uncles. It got to the point where my 18th birthday was forced to come two years early due the lack of help from my older Brother. I had to give up much of my childhood in order to be a crutch that could be used by my Father to get up on his feet. All was well as freshman year began, my Father 's company was at one of the most prosperous points it had ever been in. As soon as the second semester began it seemed as if everything started to go downhill. Tension between my Father and my Brother began due to Brother 's consistent lies and disrespect towards my Father about a girl my Brother had fallen for. The issues came in waves, a huge crash in the water only to be followed by an ever so short period of calm before the
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