Child Transitions

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10.Discuss three different types of transition,and how they can affect a child or young persons development.
Emotional-pupils emotional can be affected by their personal experiences and their relationships with others. If these relationships become unsettled and traumatic it can affect children's emotional development. They could find it harder to trust adults and form relationships with them. Also they may become immature than their peers and seek attention.
Physical-This particular change can simply mean that the child is being asked to move on to a different activity. Usually this can be difficult for most children especially if they are absorbed in what they are doing. If this is a consistent problem with most children it can affect their
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This is because they will need to feel secure in other areas of their lives. They may also need to talk to someone about how they are feeling and adults should make sure that there are opportunities for children to do this. When there is advance notice that a child or a group of children shall be going through a period of change,this will give an opportunity to adults to plan out how they will support them. For example a transition from primary school to secondary school is an important step in a child s life. So transitions to secondary schools can be a very stressful time for most children. They can be given additional support for this particular experience in their lives. As most children can take longer to find their way around the new school,to feel part of their new school and come to terms with the new curriculum and learning and teaching methods. So help can be given to pupils by providing buddy systems where an older child is paired with each year 7 child to give advice and support. Also assigning a teaching assistant to each year 7 classroom for each lesson during the first term. In order to provide support for the curriculum and to provide pastoral support as
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