Child Welfare Is A Program That Helps Improve The Lives Of Disadvantaged Children

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Some children in today’s society deal with homelessness, food shortage and abuse on a daily basis. Families lose their jobs, are dependent on drugs or are unaware of the proper parenting skills in the United States. In these types of examples, the children are put at risk of not having a stable home and even take the chance of being malnutrition amongst other health issues. Child welfare is a program that helps improve the lives of disadvantaged children ( website, 2016, para. 1). Often times all it takes is an intervention to help the families out in order for them to understand what needs to change so the family is able to function in a more positive manner. Within the United States and our local communities there are programs set up to help those in hard times. According to Popple and Leighninger (2015), “The child welfare system is composed of government and private agencies that are given the responsibility to: • Respond to the needs of children reported to public child protection agencies as being abused, neglected, or at risk of child maltreatment • Provide children places in out-of-home care with developmentally appropriate services • Help children find a permanent home in the least restrictive living situation that is possible (p. 212). A federal program, Administration for Children and Families (ACF), supports such programs as Basic Center Program which helps to create and strengthen community-based programs that meet the immediate needs of runaway

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