Child and Adolescent Development: Bullying and Victimization Essay

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Publication Information: The Publication “Understanding Bullying and Victimization During Childhood and Adolescence: A Mixed Methods Study” was originally published in a journal called Child Development. The study’s place of publication was at The University of California at Riverside. The original date of publication for this study was in the January/February 2011 issue. The study was first published in print, but was made available on the web on February 3rd, 2011 (Guerra, Williams, Sadek, 2011) Intended Audience: “Understanding Bullying and Victimization During Childhood and Adolescence: A Mixed Methods Study” is published in a journal with a variety of readers. Child Development publishes numerous essays and articles based on…show more content…
Encyclopedia Britannica defines Quantitative data as a “measure either how much or how many of something” and qualitative data as data that “provide labels, or names, for categories of like items” (Qualitative data, 2011). Those who are not familiar in the field would not understand these terms or the study. Someone who is knowledgeable in the social science field would understand this study, which is why the authors use this specialized vocabulary (Guerra, et al. 2011). Purpose of The Study: The purpose of this study was to conduct research on bullying and victimization, to see how it varies by age and gender and to also help with bullying and victimization prevention in schools. The authors published this study so that other researchers and those in the social sciences field can use it for their own purposes. For example, a child psychologist could read this study to further understand the effects of bullying and victimization and help them work with children in that position more efficiently. Also, other researchers or theoreticians may take this research to refer to or help them further conduct their own research and theories. The authors published this study to help the intended audience gain a better understanding on how bullying and victimization is affecting children and adolescents. Their hopes is that with their findings, steps will be taken and the
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