Child and Youth Adhd Analysis Essay

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CHYS 1F90 Midterm Assignment October 2012 Title Page Name: Crooks Emily Student Number: 5308796 Seminar Number: 38 Seminar Leader’s Name: Mary Spring Section A | Markers: record grade for Section A Essay. Section A is marked out of 20 | Section A | | Section BStudents: circle the 3 you answered in Section B | Markers: record grade for each question answered. Each of the 3 Section B answers is marked out of 10 | Q1 | | Q2 | | Q3 | | Q4 | | Total grade for Midterm Assignment: ________ /50 Throughout this paper I’ll explore George and Simon’s development through various theoretical lenses. George and Simon are both 8-years old and are unrelated children who have been diagnosed…show more content…
He places a strong emphasis on environmental influences and believes that development is continuous and based primarily on learning. (McNamara Sept 12, foundation of development). This theory is based on the premise that one’s nurturing environment can override their genetics. Both boys live with their families but in two different neighborhoods home environments. Both are the middle children of 3, and each a brother and a sister (aside from ADHD, this is about all they have is common). According to the behaviorism theory the environmental influences with which the boys are exposed to, can certainly have an influence on their developmental trajectories. Although both George and Simon may have a genetic bias for ADHD, they have very different nurturing and surrounding environment. Since Simon and George have been exposed to different environmental influences and external stimuli, I believe their developmental paths will differ significantly. Based on a psychoanalytical perspective, later consequences will arise of early experiences (McNamara Sept 12, foundation of development). Georges’ environmental influences such as is his active life style and school activities, his high income family, his involved traditional family setting, and his parent’s exceptionally active support seeking for his ADHD may all result in a more positive developmental path. Simon’s environment on the other hand may result in him having more negative outcomes. Simon’s environment differs from
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