Child and Youth Development in Canada

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Background This initiative aimed to teach the parents about the importance of nutrition in child development and ways to improve lunches and long term negative effects on unhealthy eating as proper nutrition is an important part of healthy child development. Newcomers to Canada are faced with numerous challenges, and by targeting the low income immigrant parents we hoped to provide some benefit from the additional information. The initiative was completed through the suggestion of the principal as he reported seeing a growing number of students bringing unhealthy lunches to school with no signs of improvement. With the increased consumption of junk food, the principal mentioned that some behavioural issues such as hyperactivity and…show more content…
Being a positive role model, the children will be able to develop personal skills, an action that is used in Ottawa charter, and develop social skills and self-esteem skills to "be emotionally resilient, cope with individual stressful events, and [enable themselves]to avoid risk-taking behaviours" (Licence, 2004, p.631). As well in the planning phase, my intention on introducing the importance of annual check-ups during the developmental stages of life was to enable the parents and let them understand that it is their decision to enhance life skills for themselves and their children. I think we were successful in doing so as we were able to use reorienting health services, part of the Ottawa charter, to reorient and meet the needs of children by "addressing the health promotion needs" and provide education as a school-based intervention (Licence,2004, p.631).With the suggestion from the principal, a sugar demonstration was utilized where we showed how much sugar a can of pop contains. In the implementation and evaluation phase this was deemed popular as this provided the parents with a reminder that they need to be more conscious about what they are buying and feeding their families. Even though the community we worked with was smaller, I believe that we were able to have some impact on strengthening community action, a crucial
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