Child of the Dark written by Carolina Maria De Jesus Essay

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Child of the Dark written by Carolina Maria De Jesus

Child of The Dark written by Carolina Maria De Jesus, is “A desperate, terrifying outcry from the slums of Sau Paulo” says Newsweek. Testimony written by Victor Montejo is referred to as a “clear storytelling voice that makes it chillingly human.” Says San Francisco Sun. After reading theses reviews, neither piece of literature, written about 30 years apart gave me any disappointment during reading, besides the disappointment in how humans can treat other humans in such a horrendous way. The books can both be referred to as diaries or journals, about the events each author witnessed. Although each has a totally different story, there are many similarities in how they had to
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Not only did she write her diary but she also wrote many other fictional stories. Although she did not write everyday, most days consisted of the same information. She would get up around 4 a.m., go down to get buckets of water. She would then come back send the kids off to school, and then go out to collect paper. Sometimes she got lucky and collected a lot of paper and other times she got none, which meant no food for that night. Usually she would mention what fight happened in the village and described the way so many people in the fevela drank until they were drunk all day. At other times she would mention other information. She referred to the rich people nearby as the people who lived in the brick houses. “The neighbors in the brick houses say: the politicians protect the favelados.”(34) Carolina disagreed with this and said, “The politicians only show up here during election campaigns.”(34) Although Carolina tried to keep her spirits up most of the time, she also had times where she thought herself as trash. “I classify Sao Paulo this way: The Governors Palace is the living room. The mayor’s office is the dining room and the city is the garden. And the fevela is the back yard where they throw the garbage.”(35) Later on in her diary she describes the politicians as a rainbow she was chasing. No matter how far she ran she could not reach the end of the rainbow. “The rainbow was a long way
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