Childbirth Is A Celebrated Miracle Of Life

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Childbirth is a celebrated miracle of life. A moment in time, mothers and fathers remember forever. In the early nineteen hundreds, a mother’s main responsibility was staying home and caring for the children. On the other hand, fathers would work to provide food for his family. The passing of time yielded these gender personas obsolete. In numerous situations the woman earns the primary household income. Furthermore, these transformations have culminated with fathers taking paternity leave. As my thesis, I plan to illustrate the overall benefits associated with fathers taking paternity leave, and why it should be treated with equal precedence as maternity leave. During the first several weeks following childbirth, an infant requires continuous attention. For this reason, women are provided on average twelve weeks of maternity leave. What about a father? Even though a father does not physically go through labor and the emotional roller-coaster, fathers play a valuable and indispensable role throughout pregnancy. Typically after childbirth a father continues to work. Additionally, he tends to the needs of his wife and child. This begs the question should a father be allotted the same treatment as a mother and obtain paternity leave. Protagonists of fathers gaining paternity leave argue that leave for fathers would lead them to be more involved in the child’s care in the future, and in time become the child’s primary care giver. Paternity leave can enhance a
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