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Childcare and Education Preshay Weatherspoon English 122 Prairie Markussen April 7, 2014 Childcare and Education Some may disagree that the best place for children ages three and under are day care and preschool programs. In early child care education there are many benefits for children. My argument is to state the different advantages in early education. The results of the Parental Childcare and children’s Educational Attainment study shows that with the control of time, the health of a child will not have an effect on the age in which he can enroll in school. After controlling for endogeneity the results of the study were profound, and that childcare time should never be omitted because it can bias the study. While the…show more content…
I recently visited a daycare center in Marrero, LA the security measures were awesome. Each parent is issued an authorize user id and password. Along with a authorize user id and password you must provide a finger scan to check in and to checkout a child. As I walked throughout the office I observe twelve security cameras that displayed each classroom, cafeteria, play centers, front and back of the building. I was impressed with the strong security measures taken to protect the safety of kids. Some parents feel young kids shouldn’t attend day care centers because it takes away boding time between a child and the parent, or a child is too young to learn .I totally disagree, a child bonds with their parents from birth, eight hours a day in child care center will not break a parents bond .Studies show the earlier a child a leaves away from their parents its teaches them to become self-sufficient on their own without total dependence of their parents. Is a child too young to learn? I would answer no. Kids learn in many different ways starting from infants. Early child hood education enhances a child’s learning ability. When a child enters daycare there learning begins with recognizing colors, shapes, number, alphabet’s s and lyrics. When entering preschool a child that has previously attended a daycare setting is more likely to be further advance than a child entering preschool without previous daycare education. Preschool teaches skills that will prepare a child for
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