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E1. The five pieces of current legislation which will influence polices within a setting consist of The Data Protection Act 1998. This supports the setting by ensuring confidentiality is kept and personal details are not left on display for all to see. E2. The Data Protection Act 1998 influences working practice within a setting by confidentiality polices to protect children, families and professionals. All data is protected under password security but also kept within the setting and not permitted to be taken away however everybody who has information kept about them has a right to see their records. Although this policy can be breached it a child, colleague or family is at risk, such as parent divorce and the mother does not wish for…show more content…
This is supported by the Human Rights Act 1998. E1. The Children’s Act 1989 is the final current piece of current legislation out of the five that influences the policies within a setting. The Children’s Act 1989 allows for children’s and young people’s views to be considered when their future is being discussed also access the welfare of the children. As a result of this children can be their own party and be separated from their parents in legal proceedings. E2. The Children’s Act 1989 supports the setting when working in the practice by Tassoni.P (2007) page 116 says it is a wide ranging and covers child protection, parental responsibility and the inspection of settings. Therefore this Act works to ensure parents work with the setting in order to protect their children. Also inspections such as Ofsted occur in order to ensure the settings works to the current policies and procedures to protect and be responsible for the children, young people, families and professionals. The setting is also supported by the legal procedures. Therefore delaying the deciding questions on children to stop prejudice on their welfare which leads to the safeguarding the children of their welfare. A1. Within an Early Years setting the working practices are influenced by legislations. From my experiences each staff member follows policies and procedures. The policy
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