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C1 - Provide a rationale for the identification of the care and learning needs of all children Page 2 of 13

C2 - Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of different approaches to planning for children’s care and learning Page 3 of 13

C3 - Explain in detail the professional skills needed to plan. Analyse why practitioners need these skills Page 5 of 13

C4 - Demonstrate the application of relevant
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Then of there are any improvements they make will be noted and planned again for the next time they do the activity.
Every day at placement, practitioners and children follow a routine set in place that also follows the curriculum. It’s seen in every placement some being stuck to the wall for all to see. It helps staff and settings a lot as it allows practitioners to see how much time they have to prepare snacks for children, doing observations, activities, getting milk or juice ready and helps the setting to manage well with the time slots. The child’s care needs are also met when the jobs are done and allow children to understand and get accustomed to the routine and times.
Learning journeys
These are a key method in children’s learning needs. Practitioners are always writing and updating every child’s learning journeys in nurseries so they can track the developments children make. If the child still hasn’t quite reached a certain development milestone then they tend to work towards that and continue to improve the child’s learning. It also allows parents to get involved with their child’s learning as together they talk about the child’s development stage and together they can plan the next steps in their child’s life and their education.
To ensure
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