Childhood Abuse And Its Effects On Children Essay

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The CDC has states that one in every four children suffer abuse. An estimated 702,000 children were confirmed by child protective services as being victims of abuse and neglect in 2014. (CDC, 2016) Studies have found abused and neglected children to be at least 25% more likely to experience problems such as delinquency, teen pregnancy and low academic achievement. (CDC, 2016) A National Institute of Justice study indicated that being abused or neglected as a child increased the likelihood of arrest as juvenile by 59%. Abuse and neglect also increased the likelihood of adult criminal behavior by 28% and violent crime by 30%. (CDC, 2016) There have been many studies conducted concerning childhood abuse and the effects it has on the child into adulthood. A study conducted on early child maltreatment runaway youth, risk of delinquency and victimization in adolescence. Results showed that a history of child physical and psychological abuse predicted running away, which, in turn, predicted higher delinquency and victimization (Kim, Tajima, Herrenkohl, Huang, 2009) The important question to be answered in the maltreatment/delinquency literature is what it is about maltreatment that places its victims at risk for delinquency. In other words, what are the variables that intervene between maltreatment and delinquency that lead some maltreated children to break rules and others not to? If the casual ordering is more often that gross behavior (including delinquency) leads to…
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