Childhood Abuse : The Cause, Effect, And Treatment Essay

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Childhood Abuse: The Cause, Effect, and Treatment
Lindsey Forbes
Liberty University

The maltreatment of children is an occurring problem in our world that greatly needs to be acknowledged. Often, people hear ?abuse? and only think of the physical effects it has on a child. However, the effects that childhood abuse may cause someone may not only be as easily seen. A victim may start to isolate oneself from his peers, his grades or work that was always great may start to decline, or he may start bullying his peers or significant other. These effects can last into adulthood. If someone has experienced abuse, there are several treatment options that can be introduced. The most common option is counseling centers that provide various treatment programs a child abuse victim can work through to rewire his brain to rebuild his functioning and confidence. The church can also be a major support system. Occasionally, counseling is not enough, and a person may need medication treatment until the brain chemistry is leveled out again. Childhood abuse is a terrible thing to go through, but with the right support and treatment, it does not have to be a life sentence.

Childhood Abuse: The Cause, Effect, and Treatment
Childhood abuse can come in the form of sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse or can be combined with more than one. There can be various things leading to the abuse of a
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