Childhood And Adolescent Mental Health

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Childhood and Adolescent mental health disorders are highly debated and controversial area of health care. There are a few disorders that have been researched deeply and they still have controversy attached to them, some about them being a disorder and some about the treatment regimen prescribe for the disorder. There are three classes of these disorders, the internalizing, the externalizing, and the neurodevelopmental disorder. The internalizing class is a class of disorders where the patient directs the emotional stresses inward on one’s self. The patients that have this emotional response to their disorders are more likely to hurt themselves by self-mutilation, suicide, substance and alcohol abuse. Examples of these disorders are Pediatric Bipolar Disorder, Selective mutism, and separation anxiety disorder (Sue et al., 2014). With the externalizing class, they direct their emotional stresses onto other people. These patients can be violent, but not necessarily. Their behavior is socially unacceptable and disruptive to others. Oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder are two of these types of disorder in this class (Sue et al., 2014). The third class of disorders can have both externalizing and internalizing manifestations due to the fact that these disorders are caused by an impairment of the brain and nervous system. Patients with this class of disorders may have physical movement issues with tics and hyperactivity, and they may have learning difficulties.
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