Childhood And Sexual Identity Under Slavery Essay

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Childhood and Sexual Identity under Slavery With so much going on back in 1850’s, especially the biggest issue was slavery. We tend to only think that adults were only slaves but forgot that children who were African American were also slaves too that were being put to work just like their parents. Anthony S. Parent, Jr. and Susan Brown Wallace both teamed up to collaborate studying the issue of children and slavery which is the untold story of the children during the times on slavery and their knowledge of sex. After reading the studies of their work, it was very shocking and surprising that little attention was brought up among the children during the slavery time. It was devastating to hear such treatment happening to poor innocent…show more content…
Having various former slaves narrating their lives and what they went through as kids showed that the research of this article had real factual evidence to prove the how bad it was for children. With real former slaves telling the story it clearly showed that there was more to slavery than was taught to us in the classroom. I personally like the article and that it showed me another point of slavery that made it wrong. Children who were being used as house pets or as house props were just wrong so they only grew up knowing how to be basically an obedient dog. Despite the fact that they were usually being taken cared of inside and fed, they were still being treated no better than a dog in today’s times. The recommended audience for this all ages. The reason being is that everyone should know how harsh times were like for slaves and how we as a whole nation should never go back to doing these things to mistreat any human being like that. This comes to show us that how we as humans treated each other were no better than farmers treating animals. Never should this ever happen again not just to African Americans but to anyone including children and adults, every human should be free and have the freedom to have their own mind and be in charge of
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