Childhood And The Family A Social Construction

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In every generation throughout history the relationship between a young child and their family has been of utmost importance and this relationship can influence, affect and contribute in determining the child 's personality. However recently the state has been playing an increasing role in this complex relationship, until now where we are at a point where the state directly influences the childhood and family relationship, something I aim to explore in this assignment.
Is childhood and the family a social construction? Childhood according to Aries (1960) in his book ‘Centuries of Childhood’ is that childhood is not seen as a natural occurrence but a concept created by society. This has been argued and furthermore been researched by Cunningham (2006) in his book the ‘Invention of Childhood’, where he highlights the historical features of childhood in the Middle Ages to the time of Post War Period. Frost (2011) defines families as a range of different structures. This includes ‘two parent family, a one parent family, a polygamous family or an extended family’. These are all examples of different family structures that function in different ways and the overall practice of them differ. Therefore from this we can understand that the term ‘the family’ can be referring to these dissimilar structures, furthermore this means that the living experiences of each family are exceptionally diverse. The state is a community which is organised into a system and follows one political…
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