Childhood Anxiety Among Children, Parental Anxiety, Parenting, And Children 's Anxiety

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Anxiety is an emotion characterized by increased blood pressure, feelings of tensions and worried thoughts. Many forms of anxiety disorders share the same nature of unrealistic and harmful levels of anxiety. For example, studies have pointed out parental anxiety and behaviors in the development of childhood anxiety problems. It is not known, why there are different impacts concerning the process that influences mother and fathers. Present or recent studies criticize the communication between maternal and paternal trait anxiety, cater to, and emotional support in addition to anxiety symptoms of children (Pereira et. Al. 2013 ). Most common mental disorders in childhood and youth are anxiety disorders. Most people do not know this but…show more content…
It is expressed that youth anxiety is obviously joined with a “high-controlled style of parenting than with low parental warmth” ( McLoed 2007). In this study it was found that children interpret the scenarios that their parents discussed in a discussion more negatively.

In this research there were several participants. Most of the participants came from a background of intact families. The parents of the children had a background of 12 years of education completed.Also, social economic levels played apart in this study as well. Each of the participants were from 15 public, private, and cooperative primary schools, that included 905 children who acted in a universal screening of anxiety symptoms. Two groups were selected based on their sores on an anxiety questionnaire, that has to do with anxiety. Children in the 80th percentile and below the 50th percentile were among these groups. The entire sample was contained by 80 children ( 33 boys and 47 girls) and their parents. The age range of the children were between 7 and 12. this sample was made secure to make sure there was not a difference in terms of age and had a balance in gender.

A self report questionnaire was given along with 69 items assessing symptoms of several different anxiety disorders to conduct this research. While conducting this research, plenty of anxiety disorders have been found within children. These disorders include separation anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic
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