Childhood Anxiety Among Children, Parental Anxiety, Parenting, And Children 's Anxiety

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Anxiety is an emotion characterized by increased blood pressure, feelings of tensions and worried thoughts. Many forms of anxiety disorders share the same nature of unrealistic and harmful levels of anxiety. For example, studies have pointed out parental anxiety and behaviors in the development of childhood anxiety problems. It is not known, why there are different impacts concerning the process that influences mother and fathers. Present or recent studies criticize the communication between maternal and paternal trait anxiety, cater to, and emotional support in addition to anxiety symptoms of children (Pereira et. Al. 2013 ). Most common mental disorders in childhood and youth are anxiety disorders. Most people do not know this but anxiety disorders tend to run in families.

In the article The Relationships Among Parental Anxiety, Parenting, and Children’s Anxiety: The Mediating Effects of Children’s Cognitive Vulnerabilities researchers hypothesized that anxiety among children are among the most prevalent mental disorders in childhood and youth. The relationship between parenting and childhood anxiety have focused on the role of parenting were found in most studies. Intense influences on emotional and social expansion of younger people can be caused if the disorder has been left untreated. Nowadays “Children of parents with anxiety disorders are more likely to develop anxiety problems than are children of parents without clinical levels of anxiety (Beidel…
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