Childhood Asthm A And Public Health Issue

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Environmental Health
Childhood Asthma
Erica Apolinar
South Florida State College
November 1, 2016

Environmental Health
Childhood Asthma Childhood asthma is important community and public health issue in Florida. “Asthma is the third-leading cause of childhood preventable hospitalization in the U.S., and these children are frequent consumers of other healthcare facilities such as emergency rooms, clinics, and private medical practices (Davis, Gordon & Burns, 2011).” Collaboration needs to be made between healthcare professionals, school office staff and the residential area in order to create a healthy environment for children with asthma where they can learn, grow, and develop to be able to fully participate in school activities. Implementing an asthma friendly school is the key to help children succeed as well as improve their quality of life. By doing so, both asthma emergencies and absenteeism from school can be reduced. With the reduction in number of days children are absent, there will be an increase in student learning. This may also increase the school income, while improving the quality of life for students. The ultimate goal for success is to an asthma friendly school environment for students.
“The population is the hallmark of public health” (Davis & Herman, 2011). It is estimated that 7.1 million children in the United States have asthma. Asthma is responsible for 14 .4 million days lost per school year. It is the most frequent

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