Childhood Asthma Case Study

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Asthma is described as a chronic lung disease that makes it difficult to breathe due to the inflammation and narrowing of the airways. This is the most common chronic respiratory disease among children in the United States and is the leading cause of childhood hospitalization due to disease, as well as causing high rates of school absences. Many have wondered what could potentially create a greater risk factor in regards to children obtaining this disease. In this article a population-based study was performed with children from various California communities. Participants who were asthma free and similarly determined based on grade, gender, and community factors were placed into the control group. In the study group, the participants has exposure to various factors as well as obtaining roughly the same aspects in regards to grade, gender, and community factors. The factors that were studied were exposure to wood smoke, soot, exhaust, cockroaches, herbicides and pesticides, farm crops and animals, as well as having siblings, and attendance at day care. As a result in this study, exposure to wood smoke, soot, exhaust, and cockroaches were shown to be associated with…show more content…
This case-study shows that many factors like wood smoke, soot, exhaust, cockroaches, herbicides and pesticides, farm crops and animals ultimately increase the risk of childhood asthma. The number of siblings were not shown to be a significant risk factor, but attendance at a day care before the age of four months was shown to increase the child’s risk of asthma. In my opinion, I see all of the factors that were used in this study as being very common and obvious risks to increasing asthma. I have had asthma my whole life and most of those factors affect how I breathe. In saying that, I believe at early exposure to certain things will also affect how the children’s breathing and increase the risk of
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