Childhood Cancer : Suffering From Hodgkin 's Lymphoma

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Childhood cancer takes a tremendous toll on a family in general. It can be absolutely catastrophic without knowledge of the various strategies and coping tools successfully used by other families with histories of childhood cancer. Every year over 3,500 children are diagnosed with cancer (Yoak, 38). The news is devastating to a family. They are faced with a life altering event and the difficult task of helping the child understand what is happening to their bodies. No doubt the doctors and hospital staff will be able to facilitate most of the explanations of the diagnosis and treatment plan. However, I would like to enlighten the readers of this paper about the coping mechanisms utilized by many families to help them to survive this illness. In researching this subject I was able to interview a parent, Johari Evans, of a six year old boy, Rodney Burton III, who is suffering from Hodgkin 's Lymphoma. Ms. Evans shared with me some of the coping tools she used in hope that others can benefit when faced with a similar situation. We talked about how having cancer affects a child and the family in their everyday lives. Ms. Evans expressed how important it is to be able to access informational sites, self-help manuals and hospital based workshops to learn coping skills and positive ways of dealing with such sadness. She also helped me understand emotional mindset of a parent and how she is able to help both of her children cope with the situation. There are many

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