Childhood : Childhood And Adult Life

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As I grew up, I had noticed that things are not the same as they used to be, especially nowadays, I feel like I am becoming busier than ever, and sometimes I miss my childhood life. Childhood and adult life can be so different. One difference is when we are younger we do not know how to worry about our future. However, when we enter adulthood, we have to worry more about our future or whether we could achieve our goal in life or not. The most important differences are how we spend time, how we make friends, and food we like. The first differences is how to spend time in childhood. Childhood life is one of everyone’s best memories in their lives. Because when we were kids, we were more carefree and we do not have to work or worry as much as adults. For example, as kids we only worry about simple things like what food we going to eat and what kind clothes our parent might buy for us, but as adults, we worry more about big things like we worry about whether we have enough money to pay our rant or enough money to buy foods for the house. Also when we were kids, we really liked to play all the time for example we like to played hide and seek or we also like to play by pretended to be a father and your friend are your children. Not like an adult, we like to played card and if someone lose and they have to drink the beer. Also when we were kids we always had that freedom to go out and played with other kids and did not have to worry about how much time you spending. When we were
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