Childhood : Childhood Trauma Results Essay

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Childhood Trauma Results in Criminal Comportment
The childhood of an individual can be very crucial in the formation of the child’s character, personality, and future social behavior. The early experiences a child is exposed to may impact the child in a positively or negatively manner. Children exposed to traumatic childhood experiences such as emotional, physical, and sexual abuse; emotion and physical neglect; and household dysfunction such as incarcerated member of the household, domestic violence, and substance abuse; will result in criminal behavior in adolescence and/or adulthood. The Adverse Childhood Experience(ACE) score is a scale which was created to measure the amount of harsh conditions an individual has experienced throughout his or her childhood (Levenson & Grady, 2016, p.95). “It has become a useful and well researched tool for measuring the accumulation of traumatic events related to child maltreatment and family dysfunction” (Levenson & Grady, 2016, p.95). “Items in the ACE score include: emotional, physical, and sexual abuse; witnessing household violence; substance abuse; household mental illness; and having an incarcerated household member…physical and emotional neglect and parental separation/divorce” (Fox, Perez, Cass, Baglivio, & Epps, 2015, p. 165). However, this paper will solely focus on the three types of abuse, both types of neglect, domestic violence, incarcerated member of household, and substance abuse.
Physical Abuse
“Physical abuse…
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