Childhood Depression : A Common Disease

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Derrick Scarpaci
English I/II
Mrs. Williams
8 December 2014
Adolescent Depression
Depression is a common disease and is one of the most researched topics in the medical field, but it still baffles modern scientists and doctors. Most people in their life have or will have experienced depression. “Depressive disorders in adolescents are among the most prevalent disorders with a high burden of diseases and high risk of recurrence” (Stikkelbroek). Teens often struggle from depression which may lead to self-harm or suicide, they are most likely to experience depression, because of their life conditions and circumstances. “Before entering adulthood, 14 to 25% adolescents have experienced at least one episode of a depressive disorder” (Stikkelbroek). Chemical changes due to puberty play a significant role in depression. In the process of growing into adulthood, teens also are finding out who they are and often experience persecution and criticism by peers. All of the things going on in their life can lead to different types of depression such a Seasonal Affective Disorder, Melancholic Depression, and Dysthymia Depression. Each of these depressions can cause emotional as well as physical effects; the effects can be attributed to many reasons, one of the most common is a serotonin and melatonin imbalance. There can also be headaches, lack of self-worth, and many more effects. Along with the research of the causes and effects of depression there is also research about the…
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