Childhood Depression

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Childhood depressive disorder often goes unnoticed and is misdiagnosed because of lack of knowledge. This paper is an informative one that is meant to educate its readers on signs and symptoms of such a disorder. I will also be writing about the treatments for Childhood depressive disorder. There are therapies and prescribed medicines that help children who are depressed get through their daily lives. I took an interest in this disorder because childhood is supposed to be the most stress free, happy time is someone’s life but for some children it is not. I’m curious to know what could cause a child to so unhappy. As a mother I want to be aware of the signs and symptoms of the disorder because if ever my own child or a child close me…show more content…
This is because the thoughts of a child who is depressed are negative and demeaning. Though the child may be nice looking or smart, he or she won’t see what everyone around them sees. If the child is given a gift or an opportunity, he or she will view it as luck and only focus on the reasons why he or she didn’t deserve it. Depression causes one’s thinking process to be completely distorted and the world around them has nothing but negative things to offer. The social effects of Childhood Depressive Disorder are that the child doesn’t make friends. He or she does not feel a sense of belonging amongst his or her peers. Sometimes the child doesn’t even want to belong with anyone they come in contact with. They set themselves aside from the rest of the world and could care less about the people or things around them. Because of the nonchalant attitude of the depressed child, family and friends often suffer also because they feel a severe disconnect from their loved one. Marriages sometimes suffer if the husband and wife cannot deal with the attention the child requires. Because of all the focus being put on the child others in the family, such as siblings and spouse, are neglected. When the siblings of the child who is depressed are neglected, this can sometimes send them into a downward spiral of jealousy
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