Childhood Development : An Reliable And Affordable Child Care Essay

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How many families in America struggle to find reliable and affordable child care? The problem is epidemic; households spend close to $30 billion a year due to this child care problem. The government should step in and offer more support to these families by developing a government sponsored day care system that would be staffed by professionals trained in early childhood development. This would help solve the reliable and affordable child care problem because the fees would be based on a family’s income and the centers would be open on a regular schedule. It would further help children from all income brackets be more prepared to begin school, and allow parents who wish to participate in the labor force the option to do so. Childhood development is a crucial factor in children’s life. Government day cares provide more skills advancement than most parents can provide. “Obama’s latest child care proposals are but the latest development in a longstanding trend toward making child development less of a parental and more of a government responsibility” (Kenny, pg. 23). The government requires a certain structural procedure that day cares have to abide by. It likely includes early education, nutrition, health and safety standards, and a schedule to follow. This structure fills the child’s needs to become independent and learn more skills during early stage development. Most parents don’t have the time or means to be able to fulfill their children’s educational needs. Elizabeth
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