Childhood Development And The Parenting Techniques Of This Stage

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In this paper I will be discussing one stage of childhood development and the parenting techniques of this stage. I chose to write about children from age’s birth to 2 years old. I chose this stage because I am in love with watching a child grow right before my eyes and watching the many steps the child takes into becoming a toddler out of the infant years. I am looking forward to using everything that I found in my research to create a good environment for the infants and pre-toddlers that I will be working with.
Infants are extremely dependent upon their parents if there is no trust there then the defiance stage will be very hard. At first infants need more help from their parents (Drago, 2009). During the first three months babies do not have any organization and gradually gain more organization (Brooks, 2010). A newborn usually needs at least 18 hours of sleep a day and eats in between that every couple of hours (“Sleep and Newborns,” n.d.). In my experience the more sleep a newborn gets the better they will act and they are less likely to be really fussy. Do not expect the newborn to sleep through the night and they require more feedings, diaper changes, and so forth (Drago, 2009). Between the first six and twelve months babies start to sleep longer during the night usually between eight and twelve hours. Babies are now more alert during the day, and also discovering the world with their eyes. At first infants live in the now but by eight or nine months they
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